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          Apply Now

          Apply Now!

          Welcoming All Qualified Applicants From Catholic, Private And Public Schools

          New Students Application Process

          Don Bosco Prep offers students a beautiful open campus with state-of-the-art technology in which to learn and grow.  Students who wish to apply to Don Bosco Prep as Freshman should fill out all the forms below.

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          Transfer Students Application Process

          Students transferring into Don Bosco Prep during the school year will start on the quarter breaks. This allows for a smoother transition for the student as well as our staff.
          November 4, 2019- start of the 2nd quarter
          January 21, 2020- start of the 3rd quarter

          BEGINS MARCH 2020
          Thank you for expressing an interest in applying to Don Bosco Prep as a transfer student. Although students typically enter Don Bosco Prep as incoming freshmen (9th graders), we reserve the right to consider prospective transfer students entering their sophomore (10th grade) or junior (11th grade) year. We rarely make exceptions for applicants entering their senior (12th grade) year.

          Transfer Application Deadline: Friday, July 1, 2020

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          Applications will be reviewed based on student population and available space in each class.

          Contact Admissions Department

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          Don Bosco Prep

          492 N. Franklin Turnpike
          Ramsey, NJ 07446
          Phone: 201-327-8003 Fax: 201-327-3397
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