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          Empowering Young Men for Life

          504 Gateway Time-out

          504 Gateway Time-out

          The resulting plan is named Ever Faithful.  Ever Forward.  We are certain it will guide us to continued success in the next five years and beyond.

          Learn more about The Bosco Fund and its impact on our students.  You can also Donate Online today!
          ST. JOHN BOSCO

          "My children: jump, run and play and make all the noise you want
          but avoid sin like the plague and you will surely gain Heaven."

          "In every young person, a point of goodness is accessible
          and it is the primary duty of the educator
          to discover that sensitive cord of the heart
          so as to draw out the best in the young person."

          "Do you want to do a good deed? Teach the young!
          Do you want to perform a holy act?  Teach the young!
          Do you want to do a holy thing? Teach the young!
          Truly, now and for the future, among holy things,

          "Without confidence and love, there can be no true education."

          Don Bosco Prep

          492 N. Franklin Turnpike
          Ramsey, NJ 07446
          Phone: 201-327-8003 Fax: 201-327-3397
          empowering young men for life

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